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Surface Cleaner

Our RT Cleaner has non-active ingredients only Plant-based: 

  • Leaves no residues behind; rinse is really not necessary, we care for the Environment

  • Save 50% of your daily Water Consumption- DON’T RINSE!!

  • pH Neutral formula cares for your skin — 100% Hypoallergenic

  • No harsh fumes non VOCs 

  • Non-Toxic & 100% Biodegradable

  • Tough on grease and organic residue

  • Highly concentrated formula = save shipping expenses and reduce carbon footprint

How to apply it: 

Apply it directly from your Spray bottle to any surface, you may also want to consider 1 liter bottle or 5 liters for busy areas and floors. 

It's very safe to use in any surface, and very recommendable for Water Free Toilets as it cleans and maintains drains in optimal conditions. Use it daily for:


  • Any Surfaces: Stainless Steel, granite, plastic, vinyl, etc. Removes naturally dirt & buildup, grease & oil, organic residues and protein effectively leaving surfaces completely safe.

  • Waterless Urinals: Cleans & protects the whole system and membrane to avoid deterioration. It will also keep the drain clean and prevent blocking, bad odours and maintenance costs.

  • Floors (tile, stone, marble, granite, concrete, etc.…), in bathrooms, kitchens and exteriors (stainless steel, vinyl, steel, plastic, rubber, etc.…), useful in fabrics and any surface were water could be applied.

  • Increase workers safety more than 80%. – Avoid Slip & Fall Accidents.

  • Carpet & Rugs: eliminates dirt and stains. Reduces allergens eliminating residues. Chemical Free & Hypoallergenic

  • Cleaning glass, windows, mirrors: delays the accumulation of new residues leaving surfaces cleaner for longer. No more fingertips.

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