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Our Products, Your Solutions


0% Pollutants, Environmentally Safe

Our products do not pollute, are non-toxic and do not emit any irritating fumes; they are safe for humans, animals and plants.

With the use of R&T, we significantly reduce the contamination of our wastewaters. R&T avoids excessive consumption of chlorine, acids and other chemicals that do not help in daily cleaning, are unsafe and pollute our environment.

We present the only alternative, 100% organic, easy to use and affordable in the market.


100% Biodegradable

Our products originate from nature and their purpose isto return, without any alterations, to nature.

Currently many products Pollute our planet; at R&T we strive to produce Products that are 100% Organic 100% Biodegradable 0% contaminants.

The multiple sources of contamination come from humans,economic growth of the agricultural, manufacturing and tourism industries, and from household wastewater.


100% All Natural

Our natural ingredients based products are consideredgreen and safe to use because they do not have any chemical content.

We cannot change everything that happens in ourEnvironment but we can be part of it using natural products to solve our commonproblems in our businesses, industry and at home. What we decide today willaffect in our Tomorrow.


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