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Portable Toilets

Treatment & maintenance of Portable Toilet tanks: 


  • Reducing dramatically cleaning process of holding tanks and pipework

  • Eliminating odours from degradation of organic wastes;

  • Accelerating the treatment of odours and volatiles in compost and synthetic media in bio trickling filters;

  • Reducing the accumulation of organic wastes and solids

  • Reducing emissions of odours

  • Suppressing foam in aqueous systems

  • As an environmentally friendly product it's non-toxic to plants, animals and people.

How to apply it: 

Pour R&T Eco Green after cleaning the deposit tank of any type of portable toilet. The recommended dilution will be advice and It will last until the tank is full and have to be emptied. It will improve cleaning process, reduce bad odours and solids on the tank. 

R&T Eco Green will accelerate the digestion of organic residues, so discharge of it will be less polluted and ready to treat if necessary or mandatory by regulations on your Municipality. Residues treated with R&T Eco Green are not longer to be considered hazard or toxic, our treatment will only enhanced water quality and digest organic residues optimizing decontamination results. 


CAUTION: Do not use bleach or acid products to clean daily, that will affect RT Eco Green properties and will not accomplish expected results.

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