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Benefits of using R&T Solutions are:


  • Reducing dramatically the cleaning process of holding tanks whilst promoting breakdown of solids in the waste

  • Eliminating odours from degradation of organic wastes;

  • Accelerating the treatment of odours and volatiles in compost and synthetic media in bio trickling filters;

  • Reducing the accumulation of organic wastes and solids

  • Reducing emissions of odours

  • Suppressing foam in aqueous systems

  • As an environmentally friendly product is non-toxic to plants, animals and people.

  • Safer disposal

How to apply it: 

Pour it directly in to de toilet, sinks and shower diluted with water in order to have it down to the main tank. We recommend no to pour it directly to the tanks so R&T Eco Green can also clean the pipes to solve common problems generated as clogging and bad odors.

Dilution recommended is 1:250 and always mix it with water to give it strength. It has to be applied every time we empty the tank. 


CAUTION: Do not use bleach or acid products to clean daily, that will affect RT Eco Green properties and will not accomplish expected results.

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