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Grease Traps

For Maintanance of Septic Tanks use R&T Eco Green.


  • It drastically reduces the frequency of cleaning grease traps and septic tanks

  • 100% Elimination of bad odours generated by organic residues.

  • Using it primarily in Kitchens will prevent pipes and drains from blocking constantly. Reducing  maintenance costs.

  • R&T ECO Green helps your business to reduce contamination parameters such as: BOD, COD, grease and oil, TSS, TDS, etc.

How to apply it: 

Use it directly to main drains as sinks in order to treat them before arriving to the Grease Trap. The best way to treat it with RT Eco Green is to pour it daily. In order to decontaminate wastewater is very important to use it as the water flows so it will benefit the enviroment and will keep your drains unclogg and the grease trap in proper conditions eliminating bad odours, grease & oils, solids and sludge. 

The proper dilution for a good treatment is to use RT Eco Green daily as your business operation days. It's better to apply it at the end of the working hours so the product will have time to act on the grease traps if there is no more water and residues runing. 

It's important to mix the recommended quantity of product with water to pour it for all the main sinks.


If your business requireds high amound of product, please use a dosage pump in the main sink link to the grease trap. 



CAUTION: Do not use bleach or acid products to clean daily, that will affect RT Eco Green properties and will not accomplish expected results.

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