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R&T Odour Eliminator is a very effective product that destroys bad odors in minutes with a long-lasting residual effect.

How it works

It naturally eliminates the bacteria’s that causes bad odors without masking it with perfumes or strong scents. R&T OE is Non-Scented AND HYPOALLERGENIC does not harm Public Health, Animals or the Environment.

R&T Odor Eliminator is a very effective product made from the same Natural Formula. Destroys bad odors in minutes with a long-lasting residual effect.


  • Bad odors are eliminated permanently – No VOCs, non-essential oils, no biocides, non-scented – Perfume free

  • Avoid complaints from customers, employees and neighbors

  • Easy to use, no personal protection needed — apply it directly

  • Increases Quality of Life & Air


It protects the Environment with its Bio-based formula made from Natural ingredients. It is 100% Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-harmful and non-corrosive; Therefore; it is not harmful to humans, animals or plants. Apply it directly to:


  • pipes/drains

  • C. / toilets (Water-free toilet) /showers,

  • Trash cans & dumpsters

  • air ducts / a/c filters & ventilations systems

  • cold chambers or refrigerators

  • Grease Traps & Septic Tanks

  • Health Care Facilities


* IMPORTANT: we advise to stop using aggressive chemicals in your daily cleaning as acid, chlorine, among others that will affect the natural balance of greywaters and wastewaters. Those products will reduce or block R&T ECO OE proper functioning.


MSDS R&T Odour Eliminator

R&T Odour Eliminator benefits for Waterless Urinals

Safe & Non-Toxic
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