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MultiSurfaces Eco Cleaner for ALL Surfaces & Materials
Safe, Clear, Non-Scented, Non-Toxic,  No Foam, Hypoallergenic, Environmentally Beneficial.

Made from de same Natural Formula, easy to use Multipurpose Cleaner is Colorless, odorless and All Natural cleaner, it does not generate foam because we do not use chemical ingredients. Our Cleaner has non-active ingredients only Bio-based. We take care of our costumers so we remove color and scent, two elements that don’t help us to clean better and are not truly safe.

How it works


Multisurfaces Cleaner have non-active ingredients only Bio-based. It's main benefits on a daily cleaning mantiance are: 


  • Leaves no residues behind; rinse is really not necessary, we care for the Environment

  • Save 50% of your daily Water Consumption- DON’T RINSE!!

  • pH Neutral formula cares for your skin — 100% Hypoallergenic

  • No harsh fumes no VOCs – No Irritant, cares for your health

  • Non-Toxic & 100% Biodegradable

  • Tough on grease and organic residues — destroys dirt and protein – Surfaces 100% Safe

  • Safe for grease traps, Septic tanks – Graywater Safe

  • Highly concentrated formula = save shipping expenses and reduce carbon footprint


One Product with endless possibilities for your Business


High traffic areas, Industries, Manufacturing Facilities, Food Processors, Beverage Factories, Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Supermarkets, Schools, Universities, Health Care Facilities & Anywhere.

Safe for all washable surfaces & materials. No Rinse is Recommended = SAVE WATER & TIME


  • Any Surfaces: Stainless Steel, granite, plastic, vinyl, etc. Removes naturally dirt & buildup, grease & oil, organic residues and protein effectively leaving surfaces completely safe.

  • Floors (tile, stone, marble, granite, concrete, etc.), in bathrooms, kitchens and exteriors, useful in fabrics and any surface were water could be applied.

  • Increase workers safety more than 80%. – Avoid Slip & Fall Accidents.

  • Carpet & Rugs: eliminates dirt and stains. Reduces allergens eliminating residues. Chemical Free & Hypoallergenic

  • Cleaning glass, windows, mirrors: delays the accumulation of new residues leaving surfaces cleaner for longer. No more fingertips.




R&T Cleaner MSDS

R&T Cleaner benefits and applications

R&T Cleaner benefits for Water Free Toilets

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