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Eco Degreaser

Our R&T Degreaser has non-active ingredients only Plant-based: 


  • No Foam Action and leaves no residues behind.

  • Save 50% of your daily Water Consumption- DON’T RINSE!!

  • 0% Chemicals or Flammable ingredients

  • 100% Hypoallergenic

  • No harsh fumes - non VOCs 

  • Non-Toxic & 100% Biodegradable

  • Tough on grease and organic residue

  • Highly concentrated formula = save shipping expenses and reduce carbon footprint

How to apply it: 

R&T Degreaser is a safe and effective degreasing product to remove from any type of floors grease and oil, dirt, grime, lubricant, heavy dirt buildup, oil spills, petroleum grease, hydraulic fluid, and any other contaminants difficult to remove. It cleans painted surfaces without harming the finish.

Formulated to be use in Industrial Cleaning scrubber machines – Prevent scale build-up & corrosion in equipment reducing maintenance costs.

  • No Foaming Formula, Color-free & Fragrance-free – No rinse is necessary

  • RT Degreaser daily use for floor will save water and eventually residues will be discharge as basic compounds = less water pollution

  • RT Degreaser replaces hazardous solvents and degreasers; however it does not leave a residue behind. This is a true green and environmentally safe degreaser that may replace flammable, petroleum based and irritant cleaners.

  • RT Degreaser increases safety and prevents Slip & Fall Accidents.

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