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Maintenance of Drains, Septic Tanks, Grease Traps & Toilets   

Highly Concentrated Formula

Grease traps and septic tanks, are devices that allow treatment of wastewater from kitchens and bathrooms. Its function is to separate solid waste and fat when washing water is circulating through the pipes and drains, and its assume to avoid environmental pollution.


If not given proper maintenance of these, obstructions are created and sludge is accumulate, causing odours and insects attraction.

R&T Eco Green is part of our Revolutionary Biotechnology truly effective, easy to use, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable and Environmentally Beneficial.


R&T ECO Green will promote NATURAL digestion of grease, oils and organic residues from Grease traps and septic tanks instead of liquefying them and moving the problem downstream.


R&T ECO Green is a Inactive Biocatalyst that stimulates the beneficial microorganisms present in the environment. It protects the Environment with its Bio-based formula made from Natural ingredients.

Is 100% Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-harmful and non-corrosive; therefore it is not harmful to humans, animals or plants.

R&T Eco Green contrary to other products does not require an increased dosage if an organic overload or water pH change occurs. Once we establish a dosage that works for your business activity it will not be necessary to alter the solution. It will always work effectively thus eliminating annoyances and unnecessary costs.

  • It drastically reduces the frequency of cleaning grease traps and septic tanks

  • 100% Elimination of bad odours generated by organic residues.

  • Using it on Bathrooms & Kitchen will Prevent pipes and drains from blocking constantly. Reduce maintenance expenses.

  • R&T ECO Green helps your business to reduce contamination parameters as: BOD, COD, grease and oil, TSS, TDS, etc.

  • Avoid fines from Municipality or Environment department.


R&T Portable Blue has been design from the same natural formula R&T Eco Green but for the Portable Toilet Industry needs. 


As a demanding market, R&T has develop and accomplish the main requirements with our new and Revolutionary Biotechnology that meets Portable Toilets and Toilet Tanks customers expectations.


1- Elimination of Bad Odour

2- Natural Digestion process reducing organic residues & solids

3- Reduces cleaning process

4- Reduce Dischange costs - visible reduction of solids within waste water

5- Brilliant Blue colour for market request

6- Positive Environmental Impact - Residues are ready to be treat


R&T Portable Blue will naturally accelerate the digestion of organic residues, so discharge will be manageable as there are less solids and ready to treat. Residues treated with R&T Portable Blue are not longer to be considered hazardous or toxic. R&T Portable Blue is 100% Biodegradable, we do not use any kind of chemical as biocides, we only use The Nature. 

Pour R&T Portable Blue after cleaning the deposit tank of any type of portable toilet. The recommended dilution will be advised by your agent and this will be suitable until the tank needs to be emptied.

Positive Environmental Impact

How to use it

R&T Eco Green must be applied directly to drains, septic tanks and grease traps. We always recommend application to the main drain pipe in order to solve common problems generated as blockages and bad odours. Its important to use it daily as your business is running, so we will avoid all common problems R&T Eco Green is not a one time solution, it's the ultimate maintenance solutions for your waste water systems and to keep them in optimal conditions, avoiding problems & fines. R&T Eco Green will not affect you staff health and your water discharge will be a benefit for the Environment*


If you work with organic residues or treatment plants, keep in mind our Biotechnology as R&T Eco Green will be a great allied for compost treatment. R&T ECO Green will accelerate decomposition, reduced odours and insect population and will maximised it's its properties increasing its quality. Reduce costs & increase benefits. Please contact us for further information or review the download documents below. 


*IMPORTANT: Do not mix or use chlorine, biocides, bleach or other abrasive chemical products with R&T Eco Green or it will affect its properties and performance expectations. 




R&T Portable Blue has being design for any type of Portable Toilet*. Please contact us for detailed dosage for your business & event. Reduce excessive expenses on water disposal treatment. With R&T Biotechnology waste water is pre-treated and will save you time cleaning tanks after disposal and disposal costs due to reduced solids content. Please find a download information below. 


*IMPORTANT: Do not mix or use chlorine, biocides, bleach or other abrasive chemical products with R&T Eco Green or it will affect its properties and performance expectations. 


Technical Data Sheet




Technical Data Sheet


R&T Portable Blue Benefits



for Compost

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